Your questions answered

  • Does my piece come with a dowel? Pieces less than 25 inches wide will ship with the dowel. Pieces wider than 25 inches across will not have a dowel due to shipping cost, but don't fret! You can purchase dowels at Home Depot for under $5.
  • How much is shipping? It depends on the weight of the piece. Generally, small pieces are $10, medium $16, large $20, xlarge $35.
  • How do I hang my fiber art piece? I'll get back to you on this question haha. I've seen them drilled right into studs, we use large curtain rod hooks, hook/eyes work too.
  • How do I reserve a commissioned piece? You can contact me via email at or on the contact form. Once we discuss the details of your piece, I typically require a 50% deposit to start work, the remaining balance is due when I'm ready to ship. Commissioned pieces already include shipping in their price.